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Working on a Superyacht ... A few home truths!!

There are many preconceptions to those looking to join the Superyacht industry, some of them justified and some of them not. So here are a few home truth about what to expect when working on boats:-

Getting a Job on a Superyacht is easy

True/False - There are so many factors that contribute to how easily you will find a job, such as qualifications, experience, personality and your ability to adapt to a transient lifestyle in close proximity to your fellow crew members. Even if you do hold these qualities, getting the right job on the right yacht can still take time and money.

For some advice and tips on how to help you get that 'dream Job' keep an eye out for our next blog.

It pays well 

In short true! - Working on boats has it’s certain advantages and the pay is a big motivator. When starting any career you have to be realistic as to what you will get paid and don’t expect to be rolling in the big bucks straight away but yes working on boats tends to include a decent wage packet with onboard accommodation, food and can also be substantially boosted by tips if you choose to work on a yacht that charters.


It’s Glamorous Work  

False! - It is true that all those sunsets mid-Atlantic and beach BBQ pictures you post on Facebook will make your friends green with envy, however you will be cleaning many a toilet and polishing plenty of stainless inbetween!! Yachting has a ‘work hard play hard’ ethic so expect to be working long hours, doing sometimes monotonous work with a sense of cabin fever whilst at the beck and call of your owner or guests.

Quite frankly your life is not your own but this is far outweighed by the fact that when you get down time you will find yourselves in some of the most beautiful places in the world, with great people, experiencing things you would never normally have the opportunity too.

You will travel the world 

Generally True You will find yourselves in some of the most beautiful places in the world whether it’s the Caribbean, Med or maybe even the Pacific. Sometime you will spend large amounts of time in one place and others you may glimpse at through the porthole as the guests have a spot of lunch. It all depends on the boat and its schedule but working on boats will give you an opportunity to see some well-known places as well as some hidden treasures of the world.


Working on yachts may not be for everyone but if you have the right attitude, manage your expectations and are willing to work hard it can be hugely rewarding whilst seeing amazing places, making friends for life and experience a unique way of living.