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Superyacht STCW Training - Time is of the essence

As many are aware, The 2010 Manila Amendments to the STCW 2010 Convention contain new training requirements.

Seafarers working on certain types of vessels need to revalidate their Certificates of Competency (CoC’s) prior to 1st January 2017 - ensuring all certifications are valid for service.

This particularly applies to those working on commercial Superyachts who completed their training prior to 1st July 2013.

Some key elements affected are: 

·         Personal Survival Techniques (PST)

·         Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (FP&FF)

·         Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boat (PFRB)

·         Advanced Fire Fighting (AFF)

·         Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats (PSC&RB)

·         ECDIS Training for Masters & Officers

As industry specialists, we are committed to assisting Superyacht crew with updating these certifications and giving advice on what is truly essential.  Each case is different, whether it's vessel, seatime, position held, duties or the dates these certifications were obtained.  

We understand that only a certain number of personnel can be released from the boat at each time, which is why we tailor our courses and dates to cater for each vessel, coordinating onboard training where necessary.  

The following courses are run in addition to our refresher training at our MCA & RYA Centres in Southampton and Antigua:
Courses & Locations

STCW 5 Day Basic Training                                            
Refresher Courses (FP&FF, PST)            
Advanced Fire Fighting (AFF)                                  
Fast Rescue Boat (FRB)                                        
Approved Engine Course (AEC)    
STCW 5 Day Basic Training 
Refresher Courses (FP&FF, PST) 
Designated Security Duties (DSD) 
All RYA Courses 
Ocean Yacht Master 

For a comprehensive list of courses and availability or to discuss your refresher requirements, please get in touch.

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