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STCW - Day 3


Starting off with the PSSR and PSA with Graeme our instructor, learning all the legal procedures of working on boats, and how to keep yourself and the crew safe if it ever came down to pirates boarding. It was quite exciting seeing a drill of pirates boarding, understanding different security techniques such as barbed wire around the vessel, having armed crew on board.

We then entered into the next element, proficiency in firefighting and fire prevention, with the members of the Southampton firefighting department, starting off with the basics of discussing the fire triangle (the three elements which keep a fire alive), then moving onto types of fires that can occur and what appropriate fire extinguisher to use to set them out, I was feeling very confident remembering my knowledge of fires from previous employment. To show us how dangerous fires were, we watched two videos showing us how quickly fires spread, we were shocked at how fast it could grow and how it spreads without you even noticing.

Prepared to battle fires we all first were shown two types of fire extinguishers:

  • Water fire extinguisher: Class A, used on paper and wood.
  • Foam fire extinguisher: Class A & B, used on paper, wood and flammable liquids.

We lifted each extinguisher up to see how heavy they were, I’ve never used a fire extinguisher before, I’ve seen them around in buildings hung up ready to be used but I was actually surprised to find out how heavy they really were. This made me realise that I was going to need to take a trip to the gym on the way home to quickly build some muscle ready for the next day.

Our instructor prepared us for the next day, reminding us to bring some sort of ID with us as we were going to be headed out to the fire ground itself which is on the other side of the air field.