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STCW - Day 1

The STCW is a five day course covering five elements: Elementary First Aid, Personal Survival Techniques, Personal Social and Safety Responsibility, Personal Security Awareness and Proficiency in Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention. Held mainly at Southampton Airport with the exception of one day at Fleming Park Leisure centre, this course is a basic requirement for anyone who is wanting to start off in the industry, and from 2017 it will be requested for everyone to renew this certificate every 5 years.  

Day 1: Elementary First Aid

With the launch of our STCW I couldn’t wait to head out and try the course for myself, so when I had the opportunity to attend the Elementary First Aid I jumped at the chance.

Arriving at the ‘fly in fly out’ location at Southampton Airport I quickly made my way over to the Spitfire Room where I met my fellow students and instructor for the day. After meeting and greeting everyone who was going to be attending the course and our instructor, Simon who worked on the firefighting side of the airport, discussed who the course was for. We narrowed down to pretty much everyone as you could be involved in a first aid situation at any point of your life. The last time I remembered participating in any first aid course was back in year 10 which was a very basic 10 hour course so my skills were rusty.    

We were able to expand our knowledge by watching clear videos, this showed us the resuscitation steps in a real life crisis. We then put our skills into action by practicing resuscitation process on a Resusci Annie Doll, whilst using ‘nelly the elephant’ as a rhythm guide, not only did we practice on Annie but we also practiced putting each other in the recovery position.

We learned about resuscitation and recovery positions but also looked at different fractures, breaks and how to tie a support bandage around someone’s arm. We all winced when we saw images of different breaks, not a pretty sight if you ask me, but it made us more aware that there are different types of fractures that can be very serious than your standard hairline fracture.

As the day came to an end, I felt my skills were nicely polished, feeling very confident that if I ever came across an emergency situation, I would be able to handle it calmly and confidently, this was due to the clear presentation and the help of our lovely instructor.