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OMT's 12 Days of Christmas


12 Months of Training

   OMT celebrated her 1st birthday on the 1st of September this year. And what a year it has been!

11 Engineers Learning

OMT saw the running of 11 successful AEC’s and Mechanical Engineering Courses for a range of guys looking to get into the superyacht and merchant shipping industry.


10 Manilla Amendments

(OK a bit of a stretch!) This is the news that the 2010 Manilla Amendment will be implemented by the IMO as of 2017, meaning many aspects of the STCW qualifications will need revalidating every 5 years so make sure you’re qualifications are up to date.


9 Stewies Serving

We saw a huge number of ‘newbies’ coming to us to get their STCW95 Basic Training and head off to the sunshine in search of their perfect stewardess jobs. If this is something you are looking at for next year have a look at this clip for some helpful hints and tips from YPI crew on how to succeed in an interview for Junior Stewardess.


8 ft of life raft

The size of the life raft that Poon Lim survived on for a world record breaking 133 days in the south Atlantic after British Merchant Ship SS Ben Lomond when it was sunk by a German U-Boat on November 23, 1942. Unfortunately the other 53 crew were lost at sea but Poon Lim survived this staggering amount of time clinging to his small life raft and living off a diet of seagulls, fish, and rainwater.


7 Miles below you

The deepest known point on Earth is at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, and is 1,554 miles long and averages 44 miles wide. Within it, about 210 miles southwest of Guam, lies the deepest known point on Earth. Named the “Challenger Deep” for the British survey ship Challenger II that located it in 1951, this underwater gorge plunges to a depth of nearly 7 miles! It is deeper than Mt. Everest is tall."


6 Christmas Movies

Our top 6 nautical movies to kick back to over Christmas

  • Master & Commander
  • Perfect Storm
  • Captain Phillips
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Wind
  • Captain Ron

5 Mega Yachts



2013 has been a huge (literally) year for yacht construction and saw the launch of Azzam in April. Standing at a whooping 180m the Motor yacht took the title from Abramovitch’s Eclipse which is a still impressive 163.5 metres. To see the top 5 biggest super yachts in the world click here:


4 Container Ships

In 2011 Maersk announced the proposal to order a new line of “triple-e” containerships designed to not only be the longest ships in the world but also the most energy efficient,  most economical and the environmental impact vastly improved.  2013 saw the launch of 4 of these 400 metre vessels with another 6 ordered and under construction. Some astonishing facts about these beasts of the ocean are:-

  • It is taller than 7 double decker buses
  • Its top speed is 23 knots
  • They can carry a staggering 18,340 containers
  • It is possible to operate with 13 personal


3 New boats for OMT

With the launch of our new FRB here at OMT this month we saw the arrival of our Halmatic Pacific 22, an ex Navy boat called ‘Vulcan’, our little terrier of the group ‘Spitfire’ which is an FRB vessel similar to that you will find on large vessels throughout the world and ‘this way up’ our inversion rib who all joined our Humber 6m ‘Lancaster’.


2 Racing Yachts

This September San Francisco played host to the nail biting 34th America’s Cup Racing Series between Team USA Oracle and Team New Zealand Emirates. After what looked like the beginning of a clean sweep for team Emirates, Oracle came back fighting to take the trophy. Particularly special about this year was the change in boat design from 1 hull to multihull making it a fast moving event and with the technology now available it became a real spectator’s sport that had the world gripped.


And A Merry Christmas From OMT


See you in the New Year Guys

From the OMT Team