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Meet the Fleet!

At OMT we run a number of courses on the water using our RIBS & FRB so thought we'd give you a rundown of our boats and what they have to offer.


First off is the old girl of the fleet, Lancaster. This 7m Humber Ocean Pro has been with OMT since the beginning. She has a 1.7l Mercury inboard engine and carries up to 6 passengers.

This boat is typical of the size and type you will often see speeding along out in the Solent therefore she is ideal to put our students through their RYA Powerboat Level 2, where up to 3 students per course will learn safety procedures, close quarter handling as well as some high speed manoeuvres.



Our Pacific 22 is the brute of the group, this ex- Navy Halmatic jet rib is a little shy of 7m and has a 4L Yanmar engine and a top speed of 35 knots.

These boats are used throughout the British Navy and Marines as ship’s boats and for special operations. They boast the ability to weather high seas and adverse conditions, they are designed to be self-righting and are great fun at high speeds.  

As a jet rib she handles in a different way to a normal prop engine, this provides a different aspect to training during our Fast Rescue Boat course or bespoke training.



Described as the ‘terrier’ of the group, Spitfire is a Zodiac Solas Rescue Boat. Equipped with all the kit you would expect to find onboard a fast rescue boat she is 3 and a half metres long with an outboard engine.

Spitfire’s main job within OMT is during the launch and recover exercises using our davit as well as giving students the chance to brush up on their tiller driving skills.