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Launch of MCA Fast Rescue Boat course

If you have been following us on Twitter and Facebook you will be familiar with our launch of the MCA Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boat course. Over the three days we have been updating you with live news as the story unfolded and we hope you enjoyed being part of the story.

Day One

We kicked off day one with teas and coffees and a big welcome to our students who during their introduction were told what will be happening and what to expect over the next three days.

We then wasted no time getting our students suited and booted to face their first training session on the water to practice boat handling and close quarter manoeuvring skills. It was great seeing the students bring their existing knowledge to this training session and taking on the advice and tips of our ex-forces instructors in both Lancaster, our Humber Rib and Vulcan our Halmatic pacific 22. 


Day Two

After a very hands on first day, day two was quickly upon us. It started with recapping the previous day’s exercises and testing their understanding.

It was then time to introduce the newest member of our team; Albert the dummy (please note this is a Water Rescue Training Man-Overboard Dummy and is note in fact a cruel nickname!) to practice man over board drills.

We are pleased to inform you Albert was safely recovered back on board successfully every time and still remains a vaulued part of the OMT team!

Come the afternoon the action didn’t stop with high speed manoeuvring and pacing drills down Southampton water, which allowed our boys to put pedal to metal (as it were) and understand how the handling of each different vessel differs at speed.


Day Three

Wednesday and the last day of our Fast Rescue Boat course arrived but we still had plenty in store for our students including a little dip in the Itchen river whilst it was a balmy 8°C for the inversion recovery. And then the afternoon was all about davit procedures!

With our ‘soon to be named’ inversion rib floating happily upside down the students donned their immersion suits and buoyancy aids and took to the water to deploy her self-righting equipment and climb aboard.

Once again the talents of our Albie were put to the test whilst recovering him with the use of a Jason’s cradle.


After warming up and some lunch the last session of the course was all about the Davit (a crane specifically designed to be situated on boats so that a boat can be launched from their decks), how to safely operate it and deploy a fast rescue boat with it. As you can see from the photo below we had students running through the ‘deploy and recover’ procedures from start to finish.

With the completion of this training that saw a return to the classroom for a recap and debrief and one last wagon wheel before receiving their certificate and leaving us at OMT at the end of a great three days.


We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved especially our amazing instructors and congratulations to all the students who took part and past!



The OMT Team