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So here I am, seventeen years old, fresh out of college and now working as an apprentice for OMT as part of my business and administration NVQ diploma.

I arrived at OMT with very little knowledge of the maritime industry but since being here I have observed MCA courses as well as completed my Powerboat level 2. I then had the great opportunity of joining onto our VHF SRC Radio course that ran over the weekend and of course I did not turn the chance down.

Coming up to the course I was pretty nervous as working for a maritime company I really didn’t want to fail. Not only did I have this pressure but was aware I would be doing the course with four other guys who have been in and around the water a lot more than me. I could picture it now, little old me, still learning about the industry, sat in a classroom, asking question after question to assure I didn’t fail.

Well not only did I pass but I can honestly say it was a great day! I was so impressed to learn about radios and how they are used every day from pleasure sailors to huge tankers, even down to me as I move the OMT rib.

It opened my eyes and gave me much more understanding to what a difference it makes knowing the correct and safe way to handle the VHF Radio and Simon was great at giving us the information in a fun, informative and hands on way.

I would like to congratulate my fellow candidates who all passed and hopefully had fun doing it.

Until next time.

Mia Out